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Inkubus 2

Inkubus 2
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22nd Sep 2018, 1:48 PM

LJ Phillips

What's Sed up to while his twin is stranded in Goud? What else? This is Sed, after all. I guess this is what you'd call a skyjob. Sed probably does anyway.

Notes: This page deliberately echoes the opening page of Goud. Sed prefers to remain "stoned up" at all times. It's the safe option in a place like the Krag.

This version of Skoll is much younger and has silver hair instead of blond. He's also missing an arm. In the original concept piece of dancer Skoll on a pole, the missing arm was on the other side but I decided to swap arms in the final design.

Smoke, Fur And Stone - Inkubus will upload on Weds. But I wanted to get the story going so uploaded an extra page today.

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