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Under My Skins - Spellsona

Under My Skins - Spellsona
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16th Aug 2018, 11:53 PM

LJ Phillips

Quick Under My Skins comic. These are normally self-contained comics featured the character in their day-to-day lives.

ordan is a Changer, a kind of Adept or Magus who works with organic matter. Top-class Changers can create Spellsonas - in layman's terms, they can shift into a different physical form.

Spellsonas take time and concentration to build and maintain. They're more like a second self. Jordan's main Spellsona is the hulking 3-eyed chap called Wally. What a twist, right?

Notes: Spellsona isn't the official term but Jordan insists on using it. Notice little Gracie chomping down on cookies. Like all kids, she's adaptable and is quite used to seeing her mom walking around as Wally. Vinnie is less laid-back about it.

Yeah, it makes a lot more sense if you read Smoke, Fur And Stone: Goud.

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