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Chasing Ice 25

Chasing Ice 25
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6th Dec 2017, 10:26 AM

LJ Phillips

Quartz actually knows about Sed and Skoll's on-off relationship. So why, in present day, is he claiming ignorance and seeking information on Skoll? A delaying tactic perhaps?

Later-than-usual update this because yesterday was my anniversary :)

Notes: Every bar on the Coven island belongs to Lloyd (the bartender in the background.) There's Lloyd's Circle, Lloyd's Finger, Lloyd's Dance Hall and so on.

Ah, Coven machismo. I mean, in what insane world can two men have a discussion without arm-wrestling?

Skoll tends to take off his shirt when he arm-wrestles in case he decides to Shift half-way through. You can imagine what someone like Vinnie makes of that.

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