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Chasing Ice
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21st Mar 2017, 9:23 AM

LJ Phillips

I need a bit of a break from the Smoke, Fur And Stone: Katabasis storyline. Much as I love it, it's dark and depressing to work on, especially after all the deaths in the last 12 months.

My remaining cat is also ill at the moment so I don't particularly want to work on a storyline that focuses so much on death and pain (sorry if that sounds wimpy.)

Therefore I'm taking a brief hiatus from the Katabasis storyline to work on the Chasing Ice mini series instead.

You can read it here

Inspired by my parody cover of Bara On Ice!!!, Chasing Ice is a prequel to Smoke, Fur And Stone. So it doesn't interfere with the current canon.

It's also much lighter in tone, a loving parody of the romance genre and yaoi but with bara guys instead of bishies.

It covers Cal's early life, his journey to the Coven, his attraction to older men and how he comes to terms with being gay.

Chasing Ice will update weekly on Tuesdays. I'll also continue to upload Quickies And One-Shots comics but more erratically.

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