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23rd Feb 2017, 11:49 AM

LJ Phillips

"Most humans look at rock gnomes and they see these childlike imps. In reality, they're foul-mouthed little buggers. Small and bad-tempered. Kind of like me, I guess."

- Magus Jordan Lee

Cal in all his hairy glory. He's quite intimidating in Second (Beastman) form.
Especially now he's shed his persona of drunken buffoon along with his skin.

Cal's always more together than people give him credit for.

Notes: While humans sometimes refer to Skins as werewolves, it's not an accurate description. Skins have a far greater variety of Second or Beastman forms than werewolves.

Although the majority may look like wolves, others look more like felines or bears or a mixture of species.

Cal's design is meant to blend several animals while still retaining a puppyish charm.

The Skin metabolism burns through alcohol very quickly and shedding skins guarantees a return to sobriety.

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23rd Feb 2017, 12:25 PM

LJ Phillips

Thus ends Chapter One.

I'm busy uploading the backlog of pages to Patreon and of course, my Patreon will get the PDF of Chapter One first.

After they get it, it'll be released for general public. Either later this week or next week :)

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